In the morning you will join the crew of the Mamboye C, a Luxury African style pirogue, to sail through the bolongs of the River Gambia. This trip will take you to Banjul, the creeks and Lamin Lodge which you can all see from the boat. Fishermen in small boats are collecting oysters, birds are in the mangroves looking for food and shelter and the river Gambia will show its most beautiful side. Several stops are made to swim and to test your fishing skills as the Gambia water has many species of fish.

During the course of the day the chef will several dishes for you to enjoy, the crew will do everything to make this an enjoyable day. On the top deck you will find comfortable deck chairs and big mattresses, ideal to relax and enjoy. Also the bottom deck is full of fluffy pillows and cushions for your comfort.

By sunset you will reach Denton Bridge, where this beautiful day ends and you will look back on a day filled with wonderful memories.

River Memories