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8 Day Round Trip Gambia (With a Taste of Senegal)

The Gambia, a former British Colony, attained political in 1965, one of the smallest countries in Africa, with a total landscape of about 11,000 km square with a population a little bit over a million habitants. The Gambia economy is... Read More

Abuko Nature Park

A half day excursion to the nature reserve in the Gambia. This is an enclosed area where equal emphasis is placed on the protection of the remaining fauna & Flora. This excursion will expose you to the eco system and... Read More

Early Bird Safari

In this early morning excursion we join the boat Mamboye C very early in the morning for a chance to see different species of birds feeding in the Mangroves and mud bank of the creeks Some of the birds expected... Read More

South Senegal Safari

This trip will take you to the Southern part of Senegal Casamance. In a 4 wheel drive truck we will explore the beautiful nature. After passing the boarder you will drive to the river side with its jungly mangroves, where... Read More

2 Day Gambia Adventure

This is a 2 day / 1 night excursing you to the interior of the Gambia. It will enable you to explore the countryside and the majestic River Gambia- the main characteristic feature of the country. The means of transport... Read More

4 Wheel Drive Adventure

This is a full- day excursing you to South-West Gambia. The means of transport will be a 4 to 4 vehicle. Departing from your hotel, we go off the beaten track into the rural areas. Paces to be visited will... Read More

Makasutu Cultural Forest

This is a full day excursion to Makasutu Cultural forest situated approximately 30km from your resort hotels. Departing from your hotels to Makasutu via Serrekunda, the most densely populated town in the Gambia. Makasutu occupies an area of 1000 acre... Read More

Fathala Park

After about an hour drive on boat of the river Gambia, and upon arriving at Barra, we continue our journey on road. Before reaching Amdalaye / Karang-Gambian / Senegalese Boarders for passport formalities, you will see numerous villages and the... Read More

River Memories

In the morning you will join the crew of the Mamboye C, a Luxury African style pirogue, to sail through the bolongs of the River Gambia. This trip will take you to Banjul, the creeks and Lamin Lodge which you... Read More