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About Us


The GAMNIG TOURS COMPANY LIMITED (GNTC) is one of the top tour and travel agencies based in the Gambia. We offer services such as vacations, conferences, cruises, airline bookings, travelling consultations/assistance, destination and accommodation decisions and reservations of five-star, three-star, two-star and any affordable hotels in the Gambia and beyond.

Further, we locally offer wide range of excursions and round trips base on clients’ choices and priorities. We as well offer customary trips that might interest our clients, and provide hired buses and reservations in both local and city standard. Interestingly, also, GAMNIG offers cross- country tours from Gambia to Senegal and from Gambia to Guinea Bissau and other neighboring countries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer a tour and travel experience of global standard through dynamic tour operational strategies, special trip/vacation offers, and other unique tour/travel services, which resonate with our clients’ interests and goals.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to become a preferred agency/partner for our diaspora tour agencies/operators and clients, especially in USA and other countries, and to assist them achieve their objectives through our dynamic tour operational strategies and clients-friendly offers. Our tour and travel services will be all-embracing, affordable and client’s-oriented while operating in accordance with the culture and values of the Gambia.

Our core Values

As a tour/travel agency, our core values are: Integrity, Creativity, fun, respect, honesty, reliability, quality, flexibility, adaptability, friendliness, efficiency, professionalism, discipline, etc.


No. 7 Sayer jobe Avenue Serekunda Westfield, The Gambia.
Office Contact: +220 7114190 / 3584091 / 7971988 / 9921988.
Email: gamningtoursgambi@gmail.com / Info@gamnigtoursgambia.com.
Website: www:gamnigtoursgambia.com